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Booted & A Bonus

New boots? Kicked out? Booted???? What in the world is that? 

So you see, when you’re from an itty bitty town like me with little knowledge of how and where to park in the city, one little mistake and you’re out $75.00 and even better, you wouldn’t have even seen it coming because you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong and on top of that, you’re a  poor college student.  Who are we talking about here? Oh right, me.  Yup, I totally got booted tonight.  It totally cost me $75.00 and I totally forgot to take a picture because I was too busy being upset because this week has just…totally….sucked. 

Yes, I do realize that things could be way worse, and yes, I do go on tangents about people who say “FML” over small things and complain obsessively about minor things causing their life to suck so bad, but really – this week has been very out of the ordinary for me – partially because of “boy” which I’ll be explaining in the next post, and partially because I’ve had crap luck.  Yup, crap luck.  It’s one of those days, so saying things like… crap luck… are acceptable.   Ever had a day or week stink so badly that when you get home at the end of each day you just want to crawl in bed?  Well since I have no kids or after work/school obligations (besides homework..which is definitely being neglected tonight) I am doing just that, I got home at 7:43, put my pajamas on at 7:45 and got into my bed at 7:47.  And if you’re wondering, I played on facebook for about 50 minutes and it is now 8:40 and my eyelids are closing.  See, I told you – this just has not been my day, it’s wore me out!

For your viewing pleasure…..

No, unfortunately this isn’t my car.  But here is a boot on a car… after finding this picture and reading the article it was associated with (http://www.expandmywealth.com/2008/07/) I wished.. and still wish… I were as smart as he was.  He beat the boot.  Amazing.


From a Childs Mouth

L: Ms. Libby where is my stingy stuff?

Me: I put it in the bag with the stuff that cameron got me.

L: Oh..okay

(5 minutes later)

L: Hey C, Ms. Libby put my stingy stuff in your bag!

C: Wow, that’s insane!!!

L: Yeah, that’s soooo insane!

They’ve been trying out new words lately, pretty cute if you ask me. 

Me: (while driving with L in the backseat) She needs to learn how to drive!

L: Yeah, you need to tell her Ms. Libby.  You need to tell her “Hey lady, there’s other people on the road but you”

uhhhh she doesn’t pick up on stuff grown-ups say, does she?

L: This stuffs so sweet it sweeted me up!!!!

We're the bestest of friends 🙂



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A smoking 2 year old?

There’s nothing wrong with this is there?

My little sister and I

Old pictures are so fun.  Even back then people got creative with props; anything to get a good picture.  Appropriate or not!

Would you stick a cigarette in your child’s mouth to get a good laugh?  I don’t think I would either!  But back then it wasn’t something that people would try to take your kid over!

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How nice it must be to just be.  Too bad we rarely remember what it was like to be like that.  That as in happy, happy as can be, happy like this three year old.  Granted we are happy, or we have the ability to be happy, but being happy like that – well that kind of happiness only comes from innocence.  Innocence of the world, innocence that only a three year old can have.  She is unwavering.  You can’t get this girl down (who would want to?) and it is a beautiful thing.  She gets upset sure, just like the rest of us, but she – is – unwavering.  Only a three year old can bounce back like she does

I want to be unwavering. Not a three year old. Just unwavering.

 What do you want to be?

And because I said I’d share later…and I know you were just anxiously waiting… ha ha ha… snoot snacks are fruit snacks and snooki is Snoopy and she (below) is the lover of these two things. 

Okay…so maybe I do want to be three again…maybe!

NOTE: Another post on another unwavering “thing” to come soon

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Loves from a bellybutton

Where to begin?  What to name my blog? What will I write about? Will I get followers? Will I grow from this? Is this a good idea? Ahh, what the heck, why not!

In true Libby fashion, I thought about creating a second blog for quite some time as my first one lived a short life and died rather quickly.  After much debate I figured that it couldn’t hurt me…or I sure hope not anyway!  So, what will I write about?  Well that’s easy, I’ll write about my average life.  I’m a college student, an avid babysitter/nanny (always looking for more families to babysit for hint hint for you Atlantans), a rather newly single gal, a person with a strong desire to do great things,  a proud owner of a new Nikon D5000, a proud owner of a new Nikon D5000 who had no idea how to use said item, and ultimately, a person looking to share stories, opinions, ideas and to hear your stories, opinions and ideas.

For this post, I’ll keep it simple.  I’m still brewing ideas for what my first “big” post will be about.  I’m thinking something light and funny, but who knows, I do feel quite passionately about moody people lately and what better place to vent than here!

I’ll leave you with you this:

“I’m so full of loves and kisses” – 3 year old

“Really? How great! I’m so full of loves and kisses too, where do you keep all of these loves and kisses? Your belly!?” – Me

(hysterical laughing)”No Ms. Libby!! I don’t keep them in my belly, but watch out cause them come flying out my belly button!”- 3 year old

I’ll be careful not to tickle you too much next time sweet girl, God forbid I get showered with loves and kisses from a bellybutton 🙂

Have you got a cute story that comes straight from the mouth of a sweet toddler? Maybe your kid, or a kid you babysit for?  I’ve got lots!  For now I’ll just go munch on some snoot snacks, watch some snookie and ponder on my next post!

Hey, what in the world is a snoot snack? Snookie? From Jersey Shore? Nope! I’ll fill you in soon.


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