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Beach Trip 2010

When you’re stuck in the house for, what feels like, days on end, you can’t help but long for the summer.  And trust me, when it’s summer down here in Georgia, you actually want it to be fall or winter – so that just goes to show what kinda stuff we’re dealing with!  It’s actually not quite as bad as I’m making it out to be, but school has been canceled for yet another day today and will most likely be closed tomorrow as well.   What’s so funny is that my older sister, who still lives in New Hampshire, was telling us yesterday that they had received 22″ of snow and that it was still snowing.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if we got that much snow here.  It would literally be insane. Insane!

On a totally different note…. I get to see my favorite little monkeys today and I cannot wait!  Who are they, you ask?  For your viewing pleasure…


Silly Faces

Too stinkin cute 🙂

They’re the best kids ever.  Or in my opinion anyway.

From a Childs Mouth:

(Note: These will probably never end because kids say the craziest stuff!)

Keep in mind, she’s 3 years old.  She has just thrown a fit and is now winding down.

Me:  Lu, throwing things and screaming is not a good way to make this better.  Can we please talk about why you got so mad?

Lu: I dint get so mad.

Me: Well actually you did.  You were throwing things and you even picked up your stroller like you were going to throw it at me.  Those are not good decisions.  Why did you do that?

Lu: (With a sad face) It’s cause my brain isn’t working.

Me: You’re brain isn’t working? What do you mean?

Lu: Well cause your brain is ‘posed to move from side to side and mine is stayin’ still.  It’s not working.

Ohhhh. So next time I do something that I’m not supposed to do, I’ll just say that my brain quit working.  Good one Lu!


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