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I’m currently participating in Project 365.  A picture a day for the next 365 days!  Come check it out!





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Booted & A Bonus

New boots? Kicked out? Booted???? What in the world is that? 

So you see, when you’re from an itty bitty town like me with little knowledge of how and where to park in the city, one little mistake and you’re out $75.00 and even better, you wouldn’t have even seen it coming because you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong and on top of that, you’re a  poor college student.  Who are we talking about here? Oh right, me.  Yup, I totally got booted tonight.  It totally cost me $75.00 and I totally forgot to take a picture because I was too busy being upset because this week has just…totally….sucked. 

Yes, I do realize that things could be way worse, and yes, I do go on tangents about people who say “FML” over small things and complain obsessively about minor things causing their life to suck so bad, but really – this week has been very out of the ordinary for me – partially because of “boy” which I’ll be explaining in the next post, and partially because I’ve had crap luck.  Yup, crap luck.  It’s one of those days, so saying things like… crap luck… are acceptable.   Ever had a day or week stink so badly that when you get home at the end of each day you just want to crawl in bed?  Well since I have no kids or after work/school obligations (besides homework..which is definitely being neglected tonight) I am doing just that, I got home at 7:43, put my pajamas on at 7:45 and got into my bed at 7:47.  And if you’re wondering, I played on facebook for about 50 minutes and it is now 8:40 and my eyelids are closing.  See, I told you – this just has not been my day, it’s wore me out!

For your viewing pleasure…..

No, unfortunately this isn’t my car.  But here is a boot on a car… after finding this picture and reading the article it was associated with ( I wished.. and still wish… I were as smart as he was.  He beat the boot.  Amazing.


From a Childs Mouth

L: Ms. Libby where is my stingy stuff?

Me: I put it in the bag with the stuff that cameron got me.

L: Oh..okay

(5 minutes later)

L: Hey C, Ms. Libby put my stingy stuff in your bag!

C: Wow, that’s insane!!!

L: Yeah, that’s soooo insane!

They’ve been trying out new words lately, pretty cute if you ask me. 

Me: (while driving with L in the backseat) She needs to learn how to drive!

L: Yeah, you need to tell her Ms. Libby.  You need to tell her “Hey lady, there’s other people on the road but you”

uhhhh she doesn’t pick up on stuff grown-ups say, does she?

L: This stuffs so sweet it sweeted me up!!!!

We're the bestest of friends 🙂


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Winter Weather, Summer Thoughts, Childs Mouth


Beach Trip 2010

When you’re stuck in the house for, what feels like, days on end, you can’t help but long for the summer.  And trust me, when it’s summer down here in Georgia, you actually want it to be fall or winter – so that just goes to show what kinda stuff we’re dealing with!  It’s actually not quite as bad as I’m making it out to be, but school has been canceled for yet another day today and will most likely be closed tomorrow as well.   What’s so funny is that my older sister, who still lives in New Hampshire, was telling us yesterday that they had received 22″ of snow and that it was still snowing.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if we got that much snow here.  It would literally be insane. Insane!

On a totally different note…. I get to see my favorite little monkeys today and I cannot wait!  Who are they, you ask?  For your viewing pleasure…


Silly Faces

Too stinkin cute 🙂

They’re the best kids ever.  Or in my opinion anyway.

From a Childs Mouth:

(Note: These will probably never end because kids say the craziest stuff!)

Keep in mind, she’s 3 years old.  She has just thrown a fit and is now winding down.

Me:  Lu, throwing things and screaming is not a good way to make this better.  Can we please talk about why you got so mad?

Lu: I dint get so mad.

Me: Well actually you did.  You were throwing things and you even picked up your stroller like you were going to throw it at me.  Those are not good decisions.  Why did you do that?

Lu: (With a sad face) It’s cause my brain isn’t working.

Me: You’re brain isn’t working? What do you mean?

Lu: Well cause your brain is ‘posed to move from side to side and mine is stayin’ still.  It’s not working.

Ohhhh. So next time I do something that I’m not supposed to do, I’ll just say that my brain quit working.  Good one Lu!

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It’s fun, why not?

It’s always nice to receive compliments.  They do something for the inner-you.  It’s refreshing to hear that you’re doing a good job or looking nice today or have..umm..pretty teeth or something.  Yes, it’s always nice to receive compliments, but sometimes you need to give yourself some credit and compliment yourself.  It’s not all about hearing the good things about yourself from others, sometimes you need to hear it from yourself.  I don’t know about you, but I’m usually so busy with life that I forgot to remember myself and the attention that I need to give myself to continue to feel confident and good about myself! I really cannot stand when people are big-headed and arrogant, but I’ve come to realize that most of those people typically have a low self-esteem and they rant about themselves like they do, to try to feel good about themselves.

I think that you should try this, it’s fun, so why not?:

Write out your name.  Think about something that you like about yourself that begins with the letters of your name.  I’ll go first.

L – Loving.  If you let me, I’ll take you in and love you like you’re my family.

I – Interesting.  I’m full of all kinds of good information & I’m diverse.

B – Busy.  Yes, I’ll take busy as a compliment.

B – Beautiful.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whether someone else thinks so or not, I find beauty in myself and you should find beauty in yourself too.

Y – Youthful.  I know when to be mature, but I’m a kid at heart.  It’s good for the soul.

This reminds me! This website: allows you to spell things out, like your name, with pictures of things that you wouldn’t normally look at and see letters.  It is very cool.  You should check it out!


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Pretty Babies… Childs Mouth

I am so blessed to have so many precious pretty babies in my life.  Let me be as so kind as to share with you.

Sweet Abe

Pretty Addi E.

Blue-eyed Rylee B.

Lu when she was itty bitty

They are so adorable and lovable.  As much as I should not be saying it and should be worrying about my career and what-not, I really cannot wait to have a sweet baby of my own.  Is it bad that I already have all my kids names picked out?  It’s a girl thing, right?

From a Childs Mouth

C: I just can’t get this ting, I can’t get it but I need it, I need this ting!

Me: Bud, what tHing are you trying to get?

C: This ting, this damn teleporter ting.

Me: Ummm, excuse me?  What did you just say?

C: Oh…noting… I didn’t say anyting.

Hmmm… that’s what I thought.


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Mexico, Park & Blizzard

The weekend started off in Mexico… well not actually Mexico but rather, El Charro, which is the closest that you will be getting to Mexico without leaving the Covington city limits!  Want proof? I’ve got it!Sombrero and all!

We celebrated Tori’s 7th birthday in style with El Charro, the movie “My Girl” and then some wii.  It was a good time had by all, especially the birthday girl – who if you’re wondering – is Addisons (the baby) aunt.

Next on the to-do list this weekend was Tori’s actual birthday party at the local park!  The wind was so terrible, we literally had presents, balloons, goody bags and cheetos flying everywhere.  The kiddos had a great time though, and that’s all we could have really asked for!  Oh and the sky was an intense blue nearly all day long…see for yourself!

The blue is slightly enhanced (done by the camera, not me) but the pink is a little bit brighter than necessary.

When the words snow, freezing rain or ice start getting thrown around in the south, things get a little bit crazy.  Crazy as in Walmart, Ingles and Kroger have food left but nothing that is a necessity… like milk or bread, for example.  People tend to over-react and stories get made up, such as we are going to be stuck in the house for like three whole days because the roads are going to be so bad because the snow and ice are going to come down so heavily and because Georgia has no plows or salting trucks because…well… were in the south and because it really never snows here because it’s too warm usually because..well…were in the south.  Riiight. Something like that.  Well I’ve only lived here six  years, but the stories weren’t exactly stories like they supposedly usually are.  We were snowed in yesterday with no school or work for anyone and today is another snow day!  Why couldn’t this have happened while I was in middle or high school?  I don’t particularly like missing college because I know how two days can throw the schedule completely off.

Needless to say, we took advantage of the situation we are in and did a little improvising and were able to go sledding, on our tube that is normally pulled behind our boat, down the big hill in the back of our neighborhood!  So much fun!  We also had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and took copious amounts of pictures.  Yes, I am a picture freak and take advantage of the “perfect picture opportunities!”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no school tomorrow either!

Did anything exciting happen over your weekend?


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Got Wisdom?

I’ve yet to figure out guys.  Actually I don’t think any of us girls have actually figured them out.

Am I right?

Recently, as in yesterday, I get a message on facebook from a guy that I went to high school with but was not actually ever friends with stating “How is a beautiful girl like you still single?”  The answer came easily and I immediately replied with “It’s all about finding someone worth dating, which isn’t easy!”  and, I am not even kidding you, in his response to my message he asks me what size boobs I have.  Seriously?  Wait… seriously?? Seriously??? This guy that does not even know me is going to straight-up ask me a question like that and then proceed to tell me, after I accuse him of acting like he only wants one thing from me and telling him that I’m not interested, that I shouldn’t assume that he is a whore and only wants to “hit it and quit it.”  Well I’m sorry dude… but if you don’t want me to think that of you, come up with a better thing to say then “what size are your boobs?”

It’s frustrating to me that guys (not all guys, but lately it seems like most) are only looking to get with me/all girls yet will repeatedly tell you that they’re different from “most guys” and that we should trust them.  Just be real, there are plenty of easy girls out there for the guys that are looking for a one time thing.  I don’t understand why these guys (not this particular facebook guy) can text you and call you and hangout with you for days on end and then realize that they’re “not ready for a relationship.”  Ohhh, you aren’t?  Well then why have you wasted two months of my time telling me how beautiful I am, how much you like hanging out with me, how you want to be my boyfriend…how much you want a relationship!

If nothing else, at least I’ve learned a valuable lesson with each guy that I have gotten screwed over by.  I prefer to take these failures and grow from them!  And it should be noted, I have done my fair share of changing my mind, but I don’t just stop talking to the guy, I tell them what’s going on.  It’s so much better that way, don’t you think?

Got any words of wisdom for me?

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