About Me


  • Lover of school and learning
  • Lover of children and babysitting
  • Lover of organization and planning
  • Raised in church but currently working on building a stronger relationship with Him
  • Looking for new opportunities through meeting new people
  • Dipping my feet into photography (I have my new camera now all I need is some HELP! Are you a photographer? If so, speak up!)

When I created this blog I was determined for it to do better then my previous blog, the blog to which I paid no attention to and was not dedicated to.  Although I’d like for this to become popular – who wouldn’t? – I’m really doing this blog for me.  It’s a place for me to write about what I want to write about and share what I want to share.  It will mainly be filled with pictures and stories about the adventures I endure while babysitting and nannying the little ones that I love so much, but I’ll also throw in recipes and pretty much anything else that I feel like throwing in!



P.S.  I am all about learning, chatting and growing from others, so if you have something to say or share, please do!


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