I’ve been lousy lately.  Lousy at school work, lousy at work (apparently, since I got fired…), lousy at standing up for myself, and lousy at keeping up with this blog.  Why does the fact that I’ve been lousy at keeping up with this blog bother me almost as much as keeping fired from my job?  Just kidding, but it really is almost that bad.  No good.

I never use the word lousy, even though I’ve already used it like… 15 times in this short post.  Well… I never useD it until little man said “Ms. Libby, I don’t understand why I’ve been so lousy lately.”  This surprised me because a) why is a five year old using the word lousy and b) a five year old can’t even be considered or called lousy…he’s five years old for goodness sake!! Anyways… he continues on to say “I’ve just been lousy with my coloring.  It must be because at school I have to color baby stuff so I don’t try.  I’m not lousy with the coloring I do at home in my Ben 10 book!”

baby pictures at school vs. ben 10 coloring book….

ben 10 wins every time.

Forgive me for my lapse in posting.. whoever reads this…

Forgive me?

How about now?

My goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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