Normally I wouldn’t do this, this as in post two posts in the same day and both within about thirty minutes of each other.  Don’t get use to it, normally I’ve actually got work to do at work ; )

Me and Lu

This was far to cute to not document.

I’m sitting in Little Lu’s (3 year old)  room with her trying to help her clean it up when her mom comes in to tell us bye.

Lu: Bye Mom

Lu’s mom: Bye

Lu: Where are you going Mom?

Lu’s mom: I’m going to recenter (they had a crazy day the day before)

Lu: ohhhh

As soon as Lu’s mom leaves the room she looks at me and says, “Do you ever go to that store Ms. Libby?”

ahhh, if only you could really go to a store and come out re-centered.


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