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Project 365: A picture a day for a year

Alright, it’s officially been decided that from this day forward I am going to be doing something new with my blog.  I have been having such a hard time with coming up with things that could be deemed read-worthy or what I thought were anyway, and the pressure…or something…has kept me from writing.  The whole point of this blog.. for me..is to have something to look back on that will remind me of what my life was like back then. So after coming across this blog appleasandelephants.blogspot.com and reading some of her stuff, I decided that I am going to post a picture each day for the next 365 days.  If I do not get a chance to get on here to post each day, I will still have a picture from each day, but the goal is to get on each day.  The pictures will be random but will allow me to see a glimpse of what I did each day for 365 days.  I think it will be a fun challenge.

Stay tuned for my next post with my first day of 365 days.

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I’ve been lousy lately.  Lousy at school work, lousy at work (apparently, since I got fired…), lousy at standing up for myself, and lousy at keeping up with this blog.  Why does the fact that I’ve been lousy at keeping up with this blog bother me almost as much as keeping fired from my job?  Just kidding, but it really is almost that bad.  No good.

I never use the word lousy, even though I’ve already used it like… 15 times in this short post.  Well… I never useD it until little man said “Ms. Libby, I don’t understand why I’ve been so lousy lately.”  This surprised me because a) why is a five year old using the word lousy and b) a five year old can’t even be considered or called lousy…he’s five years old for goodness sake!! Anyways… he continues on to say “I’ve just been lousy with my coloring.  It must be because at school I have to color baby stuff so I don’t try.  I’m not lousy with the coloring I do at home in my Ben 10 book!”

baby pictures at school vs. ben 10 coloring book….

ben 10 wins every time.

Forgive me for my lapse in posting.. whoever reads this…

Forgive me?

How about now?

My goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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Booted & A Bonus

New boots? Kicked out? Booted???? What in the world is that? 

So you see, when you’re from an itty bitty town like me with little knowledge of how and where to park in the city, one little mistake and you’re out $75.00 and even better, you wouldn’t have even seen it coming because you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong and on top of that, you’re a  poor college student.  Who are we talking about here? Oh right, me.  Yup, I totally got booted tonight.  It totally cost me $75.00 and I totally forgot to take a picture because I was too busy being upset because this week has just…totally….sucked. 

Yes, I do realize that things could be way worse, and yes, I do go on tangents about people who say “FML” over small things and complain obsessively about minor things causing their life to suck so bad, but really – this week has been very out of the ordinary for me – partially because of “boy” which I’ll be explaining in the next post, and partially because I’ve had crap luck.  Yup, crap luck.  It’s one of those days, so saying things like… crap luck… are acceptable.   Ever had a day or week stink so badly that when you get home at the end of each day you just want to crawl in bed?  Well since I have no kids or after work/school obligations (besides homework..which is definitely being neglected tonight) I am doing just that, I got home at 7:43, put my pajamas on at 7:45 and got into my bed at 7:47.  And if you’re wondering, I played on facebook for about 50 minutes and it is now 8:40 and my eyelids are closing.  See, I told you – this just has not been my day, it’s wore me out!

For your viewing pleasure…..

No, unfortunately this isn’t my car.  But here is a boot on a car… after finding this picture and reading the article it was associated with (http://www.expandmywealth.com/2008/07/) I wished.. and still wish… I were as smart as he was.  He beat the boot.  Amazing.


From a Childs Mouth

L: Ms. Libby where is my stingy stuff?

Me: I put it in the bag with the stuff that cameron got me.

L: Oh..okay

(5 minutes later)

L: Hey C, Ms. Libby put my stingy stuff in your bag!

C: Wow, that’s insane!!!

L: Yeah, that’s soooo insane!

They’ve been trying out new words lately, pretty cute if you ask me. 

Me: (while driving with L in the backseat) She needs to learn how to drive!

L: Yeah, you need to tell her Ms. Libby.  You need to tell her “Hey lady, there’s other people on the road but you”

uhhhh she doesn’t pick up on stuff grown-ups say, does she?

L: This stuffs so sweet it sweeted me up!!!!

We're the bestest of friends 🙂


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Girl + Boy = Fail

I wrote awhile back in a post that boy (not sure what I named him?) had totally threw me for a loop, as in made me feel like I was the girl he wanted to call his girlfriend, called me babe and baby and then totally quit talking to me, after having “talked” (southern word for the dating before becoming official) for a good month.  Well during that week that he decided he wasn’t going to talk to me I realized that I deserved better and was going to completely write him off when he decided he was going to talk to me again.  On the sixth day of not talking to him I had pretty much written off the idea of ever talking to him again, because I simply couldn’t imagine how he would go about recovering from that “week off”; granted this was a bit of a dramatic thought because we have several mutual friends.  Well sure enough, on day number seven, boy decides that he does want to talk to me again and sends “hey cutie” which starts a full blown conversation which led into us hanging out and then later us becoming “official.”  The text he sent completely caught me off guard and for some (UNKNOWN) reason I totally feel right back to where I was when we had first started talking.  It’s so frustrating to me that I can be so determinded in my head but when I actually get put into the situation I can’t say YES! to him asking me out fast enough.  Needless to say, I should have realized that although he repeatedly stated that he was “sure of what he wanted, and what he wanted was me” that it is nearly impossible to get your stuff together that quickly and that I should have been more cautious.  Two weeks in, he’s on his way out.  I know in my heart that dating him was not the right decision for many reasons, such as we are two totally different people who very different visions on how a relationship should be, he had not been in very many relationships at all and the longest was five months where as I had been in a few relationships and one was for three and a half years, hunting was his main concern and I felt that when you got a girlfriend you should make time (not give up your hobbies) for said girlfriend, etc.  I know it was only for a short time (two months of committment to him total I’d say) but I feel so hurt for the basic reason that I feel like a fool.  I feel like I should have known better.  I feel like I shouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity to have a boyfirend after feeling like being single for six months was too long.  I feel mad at myself for putting trust in him.  I’m mad because it wasn’t time well wasted.

It’s an interesting thing to want to tell your personal story to a blog that people may or may not read and if people do read it, they are strangers.  I find comfort in it though.  I’m only twenty and I know that better days are to come, but for today, life sucks and I can’t help but feel like I’m doomed.  I’m allowing myself to feel like this for the very reason that I really never feel like this, I’m more of a life-goes-on-kinda-girl.  Today though, life sucks. 

There’s a couple things that make things better though…

  This is a painting I did recently.  I am not an artist by any definition of the word, but I decided that I wanted to create something for sweet Addisons nursery and this is what I came up with.  Who whould have thought that art could make a person feel better, more accomplished and relaxed?  Not me, that’s for sure.

Looking at awesome pictures from Summer 2010 of great friends!

Sweet Monkey Girl

And there are, of course, many other things that make it all better but those are just a few!

Oh, I’d add a picture of me & ole fail boy but…we never got a picture.  He’s a butt like that.  Clearly.

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Winter Weather, Summer Thoughts, Childs Mouth


Beach Trip 2010

When you’re stuck in the house for, what feels like, days on end, you can’t help but long for the summer.  And trust me, when it’s summer down here in Georgia, you actually want it to be fall or winter – so that just goes to show what kinda stuff we’re dealing with!  It’s actually not quite as bad as I’m making it out to be, but school has been canceled for yet another day today and will most likely be closed tomorrow as well.   What’s so funny is that my older sister, who still lives in New Hampshire, was telling us yesterday that they had received 22″ of snow and that it was still snowing.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if we got that much snow here.  It would literally be insane. Insane!

On a totally different note…. I get to see my favorite little monkeys today and I cannot wait!  Who are they, you ask?  For your viewing pleasure…


Silly Faces

Too stinkin cute 🙂

They’re the best kids ever.  Or in my opinion anyway.

From a Childs Mouth:

(Note: These will probably never end because kids say the craziest stuff!)

Keep in mind, she’s 3 years old.  She has just thrown a fit and is now winding down.

Me:  Lu, throwing things and screaming is not a good way to make this better.  Can we please talk about why you got so mad?

Lu: I dint get so mad.

Me: Well actually you did.  You were throwing things and you even picked up your stroller like you were going to throw it at me.  Those are not good decisions.  Why did you do that?

Lu: (With a sad face) It’s cause my brain isn’t working.

Me: You’re brain isn’t working? What do you mean?

Lu: Well cause your brain is ‘posed to move from side to side and mine is stayin’ still.  It’s not working.

Ohhhh. So next time I do something that I’m not supposed to do, I’ll just say that my brain quit working.  Good one Lu!

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It’s fun, why not?

It’s always nice to receive compliments.  They do something for the inner-you.  It’s refreshing to hear that you’re doing a good job or looking nice today or have..umm..pretty teeth or something.  Yes, it’s always nice to receive compliments, but sometimes you need to give yourself some credit and compliment yourself.  It’s not all about hearing the good things about yourself from others, sometimes you need to hear it from yourself.  I don’t know about you, but I’m usually so busy with life that I forgot to remember myself and the attention that I need to give myself to continue to feel confident and good about myself! I really cannot stand when people are big-headed and arrogant, but I’ve come to realize that most of those people typically have a low self-esteem and they rant about themselves like they do, to try to feel good about themselves.

I think that you should try this, it’s fun, so why not?:

Write out your name.  Think about something that you like about yourself that begins with the letters of your name.  I’ll go first.

L – Loving.  If you let me, I’ll take you in and love you like you’re my family.

I – Interesting.  I’m full of all kinds of good information & I’m diverse.

B – Busy.  Yes, I’ll take busy as a compliment.

B – Beautiful.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whether someone else thinks so or not, I find beauty in myself and you should find beauty in yourself too.

Y – Youthful.  I know when to be mature, but I’m a kid at heart.  It’s good for the soul.

This reminds me! This website: www.letterperspectives.com allows you to spell things out, like your name, with pictures of things that you wouldn’t normally look at and see letters.  It is very cool.  You should check it out!


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